Here at Consumer Capital Advocates you have more than a fighting chance, you have a guarantee of freeing yourself from debt. Our method has a 100% success rate if followed to completion. Basically here at Consumer Capital Advocates we do what every desperate in debt citizen needs, we represent and negotiate. Negotiations entail lowering the current price a client needs to pay off and cancelling further interest fees. This can be done separately without a professional group, but we ourselves have higher leverage on credit card companies and offer advantages they value. One of these is the chance to relieve them of not one, but multiple debt cases losing them money. Bringing all of our clients together we can assure credit card companies that our deals with a lowered price is better than no money at all.

Now to tell you upfront about some important steps in the process we wish to state clearly. We do not want any confusion when it comes to what we do for our clients. You should be fully informed on anything involving your money. That being said, understand that we do not provide an instant fresh start. Though with us it takes less time to eliminate debt, it will take time. During this time a payment plan is necessary to reach debt freedom. Instead of giving it to your company straight away however, we put it in an account to save it up and negotiate with. This way in negotiations we can honestly state something of similar nature to: “we have 25% of the current debt amount ready to give you.” If the company is smart they will settle for this amount right away instead of waiting for and adding to an un-affordable price. If you don’t like anything we are doing and we lose
your trust, you can back out at any time with all the money you saved with us.

The growing number of people facing this issue is terrible and their losses even more so. Unfortunately this means, according to statistics, you are currently suffering in this kind of financial crisis. You’ve most likely witnessed the losses that can come of it and now find yourself in danger of experiencing it. It doesn’t have to get to that point. Don’t fall into the same trap as others by not repeating their mistakes. Most widely made mistake is attempting to solve this alone. After you’ve accumulated a certain amount of debt, fighting it without proper assistance as well as knowledge will take ridiculously long amount of time. You may not even see the end of it without bankruptcy.

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