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Minimum Payments On Credit Cards

Not seeing your debt being reduced to any degree is unsettling. Most of us are paying close to 30% interest rate on our credit card debt. That translates to over $200 per month. Minimum payments on your credit card puts you in a debt cycle.

You Don’t Have Any Savings

Emergencies depleted your savings, and others were handled by charging to your Credit Cards, and now the debt load prevents you from saving for the future.

You Get Calls From Debt Collectors

Last payments get you on a call list. 30 days late get you on the collection list and future immediate calls 5 days after your due date. If you are getting collection calls you are steps from default to a new debt-free you.

Professional Credit Card Relief Solutions

If you make the choice to work to get debt out of your life, we will work with you in an effort to do it faster.
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Choices exist. You should explore them. When you do, we are confident that you will agree that the professionally executed debt resolution program offered by CCA will help get you out of debt quicker and at a total cost that is far less than the alternatives.

Making Minimum Payments
Credit Consolidating
Consolidation Loan
Debt Resolution (Us!)

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Here at Consumer Capital Advocates you have more than a fighting chance, you have a guarantee of freeing yourself from debt. Our method has a 100% success rate if followed to completion. Basically here at Consumer Capital Advocates we do what every desperate in debt citizen needs, we represent

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It is by mass admission that the fact that payday loans are perhaps one of the worst financial decisions a person could possible take. The very definition of payday loans send out the message that it is one of the most illogical decisions one can

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Professional Credit Card Relief Solutions

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