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If Any of The Following Statements Apply To You, You May Be In Need Of Credit Card Debt Relief

You Don’t Have Any Savings

Emergencies depleted your savings, and others were handled by charging to your Credit Cards, and now the debt load prevents you from saving for the future. If your debt is preventing you from taking care of your family or your future, you need our assistance

You Lose Sleep While Thinking About Your Debt

Worrying about your financial life is stressful. Not being ready for a family emergency or being unable to plan for a good financial future leave us feeling vulnerable. You work hard and deserve peace of mind, you need our assistance.

Minimum Payments On Credit Cards

Not seeing your debt being reduced to any degree is unsettling. Most of us are paying close to 30% interest rate on our credit card debt. That translates to over $200 per month. Minimum payments puts you in a debt cycle for years.

You Get Calls From Debt Collectors

Last payments get you on a call list. 30 days late get you on the collection list and future immediate calls 5 days after your due date. If you are getting collection calls you are steps from default and you need our assistance to go to a new debt-free you.



What We Do


Debt Settlement as a form of Credit Card Debt Relief CCA’s debt relief program.


If you are overwhelmed with debt and are looking for relief, we want to help you. Consumer Capital Advocates is committed to helping consumers take control of their debt and eliminate it as quickly as possible. Our debt relief program is custom tailored to fit your personal needs in order to relieve your financial stress and put you on a path towards financial freedom.


When you enroll in the CCA DEBT RELIEF PROGRAM , you have dedicated professionals working on your behalf. These professionals are comprised of the nation’s leading debt specialists, skilled debt negotiators, and a dedicated team of customer care professionals. Rest assured that you are in excellent hands with a highly experienced team that works for you; not your creditors!
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Great Experience, staff was friendly and well informed with any and all questions I may have experienced with the program. Would tell my friends and family about CCA

Aurelio Garcia


Great Experience with the company and would refer them to anyone. Friendly staff and never had a problems.

Omar Garcia


have had a wonderful experience with CCA. At first I was skeptical having been bitten more times that I care to think about. I will be forever grateful to CCA for helping me get out of a situation that I created. Everyone that I encountered through this process were professional at all times.

Trudie Carmichael

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